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Real Estate Investing – Can I Get Private Lenders Using the Internet?

Everyone is saying the real estate market, particularly the mortgage market, has collapsed. In recent times, it has become nearly impossible for a good quality homeowner to get a mortgage on a house or for a real estate investor to find a traditional mortgage.

What is the solution to real estate success in this day and age? You could wait for the government to set things right, sure. Then again, that could be a long wait. It may be better to start adjusting your marketing methods and employing some survivalist strategies. For example, rather than targeting traditional lenders, start venturing out to private lenders and creating a business plan and credibility kit that appeals to them.

So how do we get private lenders? We use marketing strategies including Internet marketing. We’re not merely talking about banner ads and PPC campaigns, though those avenues have certainly proven successful for some. Maybe it’s time to consider some outside-the-box elements of marketing. When you’re trying to sell an idea you have to venture out to where the people are, and if necessary, abandon the ways that are no longer working.

Where are all the people? People have abandoned traditional websites and magazines in favor of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. Why not venture out into these neglected venues? You don’t have to take a “hard sell” approach-in fact it’s usually not appreciated. However, you can offer to provide information, and in the process, sell yourself to new prospects. This is called attraction marketing and focuses on building yourself up as an authority on a subject, and an approachable one that can guide people to success.

So in considering Internet marketing don’t just focus on banner ads or expensive campaigns. Consider every avenue, like Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, social network marketing, website development, article directory submission and other areas that may not always be considered. Sometimes there is a need to think outside the box. Sometimes it pays off!

Caution! Do not make an offer to borrow money through the Internet in any avenue or in anyway. While this may be your general intent, you cannot approach the situation directly. Your goal is to provide educational information and establish contacts that you can work with. Your goal is not to directly solicit lending services in a public forum.

Why is this a big deal?

Because directly advertising real estate investing ventures through the Internet could pose a legal threat to you and attract attention from your state SEC department. Not the kind of attention you want!

Don’t deny the obvious: most people are on the Internet and are looking for business opportunities and investment opportunities online. It’s up to you to figure out how to reach these prospects and find these private lenders.