Network Marketing – Robert Kiyosaki’s Perfect Business

If you are someone who is always continuously learning and looking to improve your financial intelligence, you would have heard of the world famous author Robert Kiyosaki, the mastermind behind the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series of financial books and the board game Cashflow.

As Kiyosaki himself puts it, when he first heard about network marketing, he was against it. However after opening his mind, he began to see advantages that few other business opportunities offer. He now talks about network marketing as one of the most perfect business models on the planet.

You might wonder then as to why Kiyosaki terms network marketing as a perfect business when he has never been involved in this industry. In order to understand this, you need to understand that Kiyosaki’s conclusions are based on his years of experience and observations as well as his ‘cashflow quadrant’.

In his book The Cashflow Quadrant, Kiyosaki discusses about the four different types of people who make up the world of business. The employees (E), self-employed (S), business owners (B) and investors (I), commonly referred to as the E, S, B, I quadrant.

E stands for employee where the employee trades time for money and is often stuck in a rat race and has no escape as he or she is forever diligently going to work to pay off various expenses including the government and numerous taxes. According to Kiyosaki, the average American today works five to six months for the government before they make enough to cover their taxes.

S stands for small business and the solo businessman is well aware that in order to have things done right, he has to do it himself. Rarely will the small businessman be able to leverage on others as they have to shoulder a heavier burden on their shoulders by taking on the responsibilities of the business owner as well as taking over the employee’s role of customer service, sales and even delivery personnel.

B stands for business owners and Kiyosaki firmly believes that in order to be a successful big-business owner, he or she needs to have an important personal skill which is leadership. Kiyosaki places a network marketing business in the B-quadrant as you are able to leverage on people ‘under’ you. 

Last, but not least, the I-quadrant is where big smart business investors use their money to make more money.

Kiyosaki loves the network marketing business model for the fact that a true network marketing business is the exact opposite of a traditional business model. The network marketing business is designed to bring you to the top and not keep you at the bottom.

Various other points that make network marketing a perfect business model include the low cost investment to start the business, increase of tax breaks due to the fact that a person with a part-time business can take more tax deductions, meeting with like-minded people and being able to leverage on a system that is already in place.

At the same time, the network marketing company will invest in you, for as long as you are willing to put in the time, for your personal development. You will learn various soft skills such as people management to help you brush up on your business skills. At the same time, you will also have the guidance and coaching of your upline.

Thus, after opening his closed mind, Kiyosaki finally sees the unique benefits of the network marketing industry and believes it is the perfect business.

Investing in Health Insurance Companies – Because Insurance Is a Guaranteed Market

The health insurance industry is among the largest insurance operation in the U.S., and has many different companies that are a part of the industry. Investing in these companies can be a great option for people who need a more stable, secure investment than a typical bank investment product. Of course, when you are going to invest in these companies there are some things that you have to understand. Not all health insurance companies are the same, and each company has a different payer structure to keep in mind.

Insurance is a guaranteed market, and health insurance especially, because people NEED it. Unlike stocks for companies that sell ‘wants’, finding a needed investment is always going to be a great option. However, diversifying your portfolio by investing in these companies might NOT be the right path, depending on your situation. The payer mix is something that you need to pay special attention to when you are assessing the value or potential of investing in health insurance companies. The product offerings, financial results, and reputation of the company itself are also important things that you need to look at.

The companies that have the most profits or revenue coming in are generally the ones that you are going to want to work with. These companies will have more money and more customers, which means that you will earn a better return on your investment than if you invested in some mom and pop company. Watch out for things like investment losses, financial results that don’t directly reflect the health insurance part of the company, and companies that have lags between their financial results or timing mismatches that occur because of the way that their business operates.

When you are trying to find a more secure and successful investment, these companies are always a top option. Insurance companies have a lot of changes on a regular basis, but they are still among the most stable investments that people can make. Investors should always practice their skills and track prices and premiums to help them figure out which companies have the best opportunity over time. By taking the time to look through the different health insurance companies and determine exactly what these investments can do for your portfolio, it will be easier for you to understand the success that comes with investing in health insurance companies and what that investment can offer you.

Online Network Marketing? Three Things About an Internet MLM Business

More and more, Network Marketing is becoming an option even for people who would not have considered it just few years ago. Its increasing popularity has to do with publicity (like commercials during prime time), the good recommendations from trusted entrepreneurs like Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump or Warren Buffet and the new way to build a business online. Building an MLM business using the Internet means at least three things: attracting people instead of approaching them, working on content and driving traffic. In this article we will overview these aspects of Network Marketing online.

One of the things people are scared of is the traditional methods of approaching people. This is known as harassing friends and family. When building an online Network Marketing business the focus is on attracting people. Although the concept of attraction marketing can be used offline, the advantage of using the Internet is in the potential to attract more people in less time. It is not about wanting all the millions that visit the cyber space but the qualified prospects that are looking for what you have to offer.

What you have to offer is the content. Who do you want to attract? Maybe it is people who are ready to change careers like lawyers, nurses or civil engineers. Maybe it is people looking for a home based business or network marketers looking for the right leader to follow. They will be looking for something they can benefit from. This is when you come into action offering valuable information in articles, blogs, forums, etc.

Finally, the content is obsolete if there is no traffic. This is the actual visitors you get, the people who are reading your content. They qualify themselves by reading more, buying some of the affiliate products you offer, singing up for your Newsletter, etc. The point of having high traffic is because only a small percentage of visitors will do more. Or you can have small but high targeted audiences that are likely to go further.

Online Network Marketing is growing rather rapidly. For many seasoned MLM leaders this is the way to go because it offers some advantages that traditional methods do not, like having different streams of income through affiliate marketing. Using the Internet in Network Marketing is another strategy; it still takes time, effort and investment.