Want a Home-Based J-O-B Or Home-Based Business – What Type Are You?

A home based job and those looking for one:

* Something you do for someone else, and they dictate your time, method of completion and compensation
* This person usually wants to take no monetary risk and wants a guarantee that they will see a “return on investment” (ROI) within a matter of weeks
* This person usually does not take responsibility for their own efforts and if an ROI isn’t achieved within weeks they view the opportunity as a “scam”
* This person feels that a couple hundred dollar investment in their future (let alone a few thousand dollars) is more than they are willing / able to do
* Very risk adverse – needs money now – this person needs a j.o.b.

A home based business and those looking for one:

* An honest, legitimate, home based business (at least in network marketing) can be viewed similarly to a franchise. It’s yours, but it’s much less expensive to start than a franchise.
* This person knows it requires a capital investment of money and time to start a business
* This person is a motivated, self starter who takes responsibility for their actions (and profit and loss). Who knows they have complete control of their time, method of completion and ultimately their compensation. This is a business and not a hobby to them
* This person is interested in learning new methods and skills to achieve their goals. They are coachable and look for a system already in place. No reason to “recreate the wheel”. (Look at McDonald’s and how they duplicate themselves)
* This person might achieve their ROI within weeks, but are also keenly aware it might take significantly longer and are willing to continue “working a job” while growing their business, if necessary, until the level they desire is achieved
* This person isn’t looking for a quick fix, fast buck, but they’re looking for a lifestyle change that can be sustained and one they can be proud of

In addition to the comparisons already noted, a person should assess their current skills and interests to determine if running a business fits their strengths. Marketing is so crutial to any business – do you know what is entailed and/or do you have the fortitude and desire to learn? Do you learn easily on your own or do you need a coach? Do you work slow and steady or do you work in bursts? Are you more of a technical person or a people person? So what type are you – and what are you looking for? By beginning with an honest self assessment and evaluation, you will know if a job or a business is right for you.