Work at Home Business – How to Choose the Right One

The first time I thought about starting an Internet based business was several years ago when the company I worked for decide to do some serious cutting back. Although I did avoid being laid off, my paycheck was nearly reduced by one half. To even have a job was something I was grateful for, but my new reduced paycheck was not even coming close to paying the bills and living the lifestyle I had become accustom to.

Since I felt myself to be somewhat computer literate, I figure I could make a living on-line. After all everything I saw and read showed me it was the easiest and fastest money I would ever make. The truth is I was spending a lot of money and seeing absolutely no return on the money I was investing in all of these “programs” that promised me I would so be sitting on some tropical island drinking from a coconut and soaking up the sun.

I must have tried half of the programs out there at one point and it did not take long to realize that the $10 for this program and the $49 for that program that I was spending was getting me no where but further in trouble as far as finances go. The more I did and the more I tried the broker I seem to become. I even stopped for about six months because I became so dis-enchanted with it all.

It was after this break that I slowly started thinking that there has to be a way to make money on-line. I figured if I quit jumping from program to program and picked one to work on and dedicate myself to it that maybe I could succeed. At that point i did more research and decided I need to build a list of subscribers I could market to. I found what I thought was a good program and sure enough I started building a small list of opt ins to market to.

The next step was what to market. I did learn the first time around if it cost nothing to get into a particular business, then nothing is more than likely what you will get out of it and that is exactly what I got. The lesson there for me was that this is a business, and in the real world how can you expect a business that does not cost anything to start make you money enough to live on? You simply can’t.

The beauty of having an Internet based business is although you rarely make nothing from nothing, with even a minimal investment of one hundred dollars, you can start a profitable business that will build into something you can make a good living from. I finally hit on a business that will allow me to retire at least several years ahead of my official retirement age (I am now 56) and finally see some degree of success.

This is something that yes you have to work at, but it is real and it is an investment and the best part, it cost less than $100 to start. There is a monthly web maintenance fee, but lets face it. if you are going to have a business whether it is a brick and mortar or on-line based, there are operating costs involved. That’s why when we make more than we spend it is called profit. I don’t know why that was so hard for me to get in my head when I first started, but hat is the way it is.

What this business is based on is helping people sell their big ticket items like cars, campers, boats, planes and even houses. Most people either advertise their stuff on EBay or Craig’s-list , and some are successful and that is great. The problem is simply that the two places I just mentioned are single sites where your ad is posted one time per site.

What we do is post ads for them and post to multiple sites at a time thus giving them ten or even twenty times the exposure and thus increasing their chances of finally selling their item and selling it far faster than they could otherwise. This is a huge advantage for anyone wanting to sell their item, especially in this economy.

The one thing I like is that this will be capped at a maximum of 10,000 affiliates world wide so that the people who do choose to be a part of this business are assured they will make plenty of money as compared to some on-line businesses that have five or six times as many “associates” and only the top five percent or so actually do well.

I am happy to finally have found something that is real, profitable, and recession proof that I can count on to help me retire far ahead of my original plans, and help me live more comfortably along the way. Yes I have to work at it and yes it does take some of my free time, but I found out early on that the old saying still holds true. You can’t get something for nothing. Big Ticket Depot and Big Value Depot are proving to be valid rivals for a share of the online auction industry. Maybe you need to look at this opportunity to see how easy it is for you have your own work at home business, and break free from your current situation.